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Make a difference by volunteering during your vacation in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Laos, Philippines, Singapore and China today!  And take time to explore the beauty and diversity of the culture, food and people of Asia!  TakeMeToVolunteerTravel.com, part of the TakeMeTo.com group of portals, creates memorable volunteering experiences for travellers seeking meaningful travel in Asia; travel with a purpose. Sign up now for a memorable, meaningful  and hands-on international volunteer vacation  ranging from a few days to months!  Customised voluntourism trips are available!

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 Special Chiang Mai trip this July! Book now!   Volunteer in Chiang Mai    Volunteer in Phnom Penh   Volunteer in Phnom Pehn
Hurry! Only 6 spaces left (as of 3rd week of April). Enquire today for a fulfilling volunteer trip at a Chiang Mai orphanage this July!
Volunteer at a Chiang Mai orphanage! Teach English, make handicrafts & others! From 26 - 31 July 2009. Only S$650! 
Work with children! Teach them new games or help in fundraising projects! From US$380!


Meaningful! Teach English or computer skills to orphans! Or play games with them! From US$470!


Help get Cambodian children off the streets! Get involved in meaningful outreach projects. From US$580!


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Volunteer in Singapore
  Volunteer in Cambodia   Volunteer in India   Volunteer in China
Enrich your holiday in Singapore with volunteering opportunities with the elderly and disabled! From US$620!



Reach out to Cambodian orphans! Or help out at a farm if you're an animal and nature lover! From US$440!



Teach school subjects to orphans or tribal children in Orissa! Or share a skill or talent! From US$610!

An amazing experience volunteering in China!  With Learn Mandarin and sightseeing options!  


Volunteer Travel in Cambodia   Volunteering in Cambodia      
Corporate Volunteering   Overseas School Trips   Volunteer in Laos
  Volunteer in Philippines
Looking for an effective team building programme? Let us customise your corporate team building trip abroad with volunteering activities and community work in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Asia.


Take your Overseas School Trip around Asia and be involved in local community work, language enrichment programs, local school immersion programs plus sightseeing in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.



Help build schools or water systems in Luang Prabang, Laos! Suitable for all individual and group volunteers, especially groups with interest in ecotourism and voluntourism. From US$570!

Be involved with children, micro-enterprise or farm work in Davao! Or pair up your volunteer trip with some adventure activities like hiking and snorkelling in Philippines! From US$500!



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What is Volunteer Travel?  volunteering abroad, voluntourism, volunteer tourism, volunteer holidays, volunteer vacations, gap year volunteering programmes … different names for one of the fastest growing travel trend in the world.

More and more travellers are combining their desire to explore the world with doing their part to contribute something back to the destinations that they travel to by going on volunteer vacations packages.

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